[pulseaudio-discuss] [ANNOUNCE] PulseAudio 6.99.1

Nazar Mokrynskyi nazar at mokrynskyi.com
Thu Aug 27 15:53:22 PDT 2015

Will commit 936d5be and two after it be included in release?
I see they are in "next" branch, but not included into v6.99.1 tag which 
is on "master".

Sincerely, Nazar Mokrynskyi
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On 27.08.15 20:25, Tanu Kaskinen wrote:
> Good evening, citizens of Earth!
> The first release candidate for PulseAudio 7.0 is now ready. Testing
> and reporting found issues would be greatly appreciated. These are the
> most significant changes since 6.0 (according to some undefined
> criteria):
>    * LFE channel synthesis with low-pass filtering
>    * New libsoxr based resamplers
>    * Socket activation support for TCP
>    * The "srbchannel" IPC mechanism enabled by default
>    * More flexible jack detection support when using UCM
>    * Exiting due to SIGTERM isn't considered a failure
> The full release notes draft is available here:
> http://freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/PulseAudio/Notes/7.0/
> Download the tarballs here:
> http://www.freedesktop.org/software/pulseaudio/releases/pulseaudio-6.99.1.tar.xz
> SHA1: 4c463999562e557801fb47e8ae363c3bb5460ee4
> MD5: c808839d148ad248358415a7d66aa318
> http://www.freedesktop.org/software/pulseaudio/releases/pulseaudio-6.99.1.tar.gz
> SHA1: 68573b78995e2d738f138c3a491cecb5a4fd3d05
> MD5: cb9297744c633924f8e807a7d301237b
> And finally, here's the git shortlog:
> Ahmed S. Darwish (1):
>        pulse: Document client libraries logging behavior
> Alexander E. Patrakov (3):
>        Make pa_socket_server_new static
>        module-loopback: don't use 0 for custom source output message id
>        echo-cancel: fix the obviously-wrong "buffer+=buffer" logic
> Andrey Semashev (4):
>        Added libsoxr resampler backend.
>        Enabled libsoxr resampler backend.
>        Added libsoxr detection and optional build of soxr resampler backend.
>        Added documentation for soxr resampling methods.
> Andrey Zholos (1):
>        detect: Fix OSS device detection with long names
> Arun Raghavan (15):
>        sink-input: Clarify the meaning of rewrite and flush a bit in rewinds
>        udev: Deal with unavailable bus property
>        protocol-native: Fix source latency calculation in ADJUST_LATENCY mode
>        rescue-streams: Document a cryptic looking condition
>        rescue-streams: Fix a couple of typos
>        stream: Support extended API with PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC if possible
>        sink,source: Add a helper function to check whether this is a filter
>        always-sink: Ignore filter sinks
>        echo-cancel: Handle underlying sink going away better when autoloaded
>        equalizer: Handle underlying sink going away better when autoloaded
>        build-sys: Fix distcheck for systemd user unit dir
>        build-sys: Make echo-cancel use speex cflags/libs conditionally
>        build-sys: Fix up setting the bash completion dir
>        alsa-mixer: Drop redundant conditional frees
>        alsa: Clarify potentially confusing device port data field
> Cédric Valmary (1):
>        i18n: add Occitan translation
> David Henningsson (28):
>        alsa-util: Make two of the warnings "debug" instead of "error"
>        pstream: Don't split (non-SHM) memblocks
>        protocol-native: Re-enable srbchannel
>        pstream: Remove unnecessary if condition
>        thread-mq: Make pa_thread_mq_done more robust
>        lfe-filter: Import code from the Chrome OS audio server
>        lfe-filter: Enable LFE filter in the resampler
>        lfe-filter: Cleanup and refactor
>        memblock: Change pa_memblock_new_malloced to an inline function
>        lfe-filter: Add rewind support
>        resampler: Make some basic functions for rewinding
>        resampler: Allow disabling the LFE filter by setting crossover to 0
>        resampler: Rename "lfe_filter_required" to "lfe_remixed"
>        module: Add hook dynarray
>        module-*-restore: use pa_module_hook_connect
>        module-suspend-on-idle: use pa_module_hook_connect
>        module-alsa-card: use pa_module_hook_connect
>        module-filter-*: use pa_module_hook_connect
>        module-switch-*: use pa_module_hook_connect
>        alsa-mixer: Use separate profiles for Multichannel Input/Output
>        alsa-mixer: Add paths/ports for multichannel profile
>        core-util, pactl: Make one localised and one non-localised version of pa_yes_no
>        alsa-mixer: Make line out path unavailable when "Front Headphone" is plugged in
>        lfe-filter-test: Use S16NE format
>        echo-cancel: Add config.h in adrian-aec.c
>        stream: Check sample spec validity before abiding PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC
>        module: Warn about modules loaded after unload
>        alsa-mixer: Add "Front Line Out" and "Rear Line Out"
> David Herrmann (1):
>        core-util: Fix set_nice() to use private bus connections
> Deepak Srivastava (3):
>        padsp: Avoid possible deadlock. Unlocked i->mainloop before returning from default case.
>        patcl: Error msg from pactl not quite accurate for 'mute' commands
>        Removed exclamation marks from user-visible messages.
> Dušan Kazik (1):
>        i18n: update Slovak translation
> Felipe Sateler (2):
>        Add a .travis.yml for Travis CI
>        man: fix reference to --daemonize option
> Hui Wang (5):
>        lfe-filter: change the crossover frequency as a parameter
>        tests: adding lfe-filter-test
>        daemon-conf: enable the lfe remixing by default
>        tests: Remove a redundant mempool_new from resampler-test
>        tests: add tolerant variation for comparing the rewind result
> Jaska Uimonen (1):
>        socket-server: add tcp support for systemd socket activation
> Juho Hämäläinen (17):
>        dbus: Use hooks for card profile events
>        dbus: Use hooks for client proplist changes
>        dbus: Use hooks for sink and source events
>        dbus: Use hooks for sink-input and source-output events
>        dbus: Use state changed hook for sink-input and source-output rate changes
>        core: Add hooks for default sink and source changes
>        namereg: Fire hooks for default sink and source changes
>        dbus: Use hooks for put and unlink
>        dbus: Use hooks for default sink and source changes
>        core: Add core hooks for module changes
>        module: Fire hooks for new, proplist changed and removed
>        core, core-scache: Fire hooks for new, changed and removed events
>        dbus: Use hooks for sample cache new and removed events
>        dbus: Use hook for sample cache proplist changes
>        dbus: Use hooks for module new and removed events
>        dbus: Use hooks for module proplist changes
>        Revert "Warn on loading module-dbus-protocol"
> Manish Sogi (2):
>        xen: Resource leak in local function alloc_gref() - alloc_fd and dev_fd
>        pacmd: Placeholders describing command line options should not have spaces
> Milo Casagrande (1):
>        Update Italian translation.
> Muhammet Kara (1):
>        i18n: Updated Turkish translation
> Paul Menzel (1):
>        lfe-filter: Use length modifier `z` for type `size_t`
> Peter Meerwald (26):
>        context: pa_context_connect() with PA_CONTEXT_NOFAIL should return 0 when waiting for PA on D-Dus
>        man: Describe optional prefix {string} in server address
>        man: Drop separate paplay man page, move info to pacat man page
>        man: Install man page symlinks to pacat for paplay, parec, parecord, pamon
>        pacat: State purpose of program depending how it was invoked
>        alsa-util: No logging when sound card only supports non-interleaved sample format
>        alsa: Fix spelling of officially
>        tagstruct: Distinguish pa_tagstruct_new() use cases
>        tagstruct: Replace dynamic flag with type
>        tagstruct: Get rid of pa_tagstruct_free_data()
>        tagstruct: Add type _APPENDED
>        tagstruct: Use flist to potentially save calls to malloc()/free()
>        packet: Hide internals of pa_packet, introduce pa_packet_data()
>        packet: Make pa_packet_new() create fixed-size packets
>        packet: Introduce pa_packet_new_data() to copy data into a newly created packet
>        packet: Use flist to save calls to malloc()/free()
>        pacat: Fix comment wording
>        man: Fix typos in pulse-cli-syntax.5
>        man: Document .ifexists CLI meta command
>        daemon: Exit with code 0 on SIGINT and SIGTERM
>        pulse: Document pa_mainloop_quit()'s retval parameter
>        core: Don't export pa_rtpoll_quit(), only used internally
>        biquad: Make use of M_SQRT2 constant
>        biquad: Fix warning, gamma shadows global declaration
>        padsp: Fix wrong condition discovered by -Wlogical-not-parentheses warning
>        core: Work around -Wlogical-not-parentheses warnings
> Pierre Ossman (1):
>        core: make sure we use the correct win32 socket errno:s
> René J. V. Bertin (1):
>        coreaudio: Change error type to OSStatus
> Sagar Nageshmurthy (1):
>        Fix: Prevent calling pa_rtpoll_free() for a NULL rtpoll
> Shawn Walker (1):
>        modules: Fix struct namespace collision on Solaris
> Sukesh Adiga (1):
>        cpu-arm: Fix memory leak in pa_cpu_get_arm_flags()
> Takashi Sakamoto (1):
>        udev: use ID_MODEL/ID_VENDOR to give friendly name for FireWire devices
> Tanu Kaskinen (27):
>        socket-server: pa_socket_server_new() can't fail, so don't check its return value
>        dynarray: Add pa_dynarray_last()
>        dynarray: Add pa_dynarray_remove_by_index()
>        dynarray: Add pa_dynarray_remove_by_data()
>        dynarray: Add PA_DYNARRAY_FOREACH
>        tagstruct: Refactor writing/reading basic types
>        alsa: Don't access pa_sink/source_new_data after done() has been called
>        core-util: Make number parsing stricter
>        ucm: Add support for "JackControl"
>        .gitignore: Add lfe-filter-test
>        sink, source: Fix a volume change leak
>        pactl: Fix relative volume parsing
>        core-util: Filter out not-a-numbers in pa_atod()
>        core-util: Make pa_parse_volume() more strict
>        oss: Use the correct fd when interacting with the mixer
>        build-sys: add winerrno.h to libpulsecommon_SOURCES
>        combine-sink: Fix unsafe message handling
>        alsa-mixer: Add descriptions for analog-stereo-input and analog-stereo-output mappings
>        build-sys: make error message visible
>        alsa: Add pa_alsa_jack_new() and pa_alsa_jack_free()
>        ucm: Don't create separate input and output jacks
>        alsa: Add associations between jacks, UCM devices and UCM ports
>        alsa: Move UCM port availability updating to the mixer code
>        ucm: Create only one jack object per kcontrol
>        ucm: Add support for "JackHWMute"
>        build-sys: bump sonames
>        update NEWS for 7.0
> Ville Skyttä (1):
>        build-sys: Install bash completion to where bash-completion.pc says
> Wim Taymans (1):
>        Add korean translation
> Yuri Chornoivan (1):
>        i18n: Update Ukrainian translation

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