[pulseaudio-discuss] Cracky sound on some applications (underrun occurred)

nake nake at nakerium.com
Thu Feb 12 03:04:17 PST 2015

Ok, I've done more tests.
As Ivan Ivanov said, the problem appears only on some devices. If I use
another usb audio device or the pc's internal audio card, there is not
any problem at all!
I don't quite understand why though. And nevertheless I'd really
appreciate if I could fix this so that I don't have to switch devices in
order to play some games.

> This can probably be fixed by deleting the SDL library that comes with 
> the game, so that it uses the system-wide copy. The difference is that 
> the system-wide copy hopefully contains explicit support for PulseAudio.

Nope. I already tried that. Deleted the .so shipped and symlinked it to
my system one without luck.
Just to be sure that I didn't mess it up I've just completely deleted
the shipped library now (without doing the symlink) and the problem
Also, the SDL version they shipped is libSDL2-2.0.so.0, and afaik SDL2
does have pulseaudio support in all versions.

By the way, if I do pasuspender, then the game doesn't play any sound
even if I export SDL_AUDIODRIVER=alsa. Does that even make sense?
Shouldn't pasuspender release the alsa device and shouldn't SDL take
control of it? Damn, sound in linux is difficult.

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