[pulseaudio-discuss] rediscovery of tunnel-sink

Jim Duda jim at duda.tzo.com
Sat Jan 3 14:59:53 PST 2015

I am running pulseaudio version 5.0 on stock fedora 20.

I run pulseaudio on a headless server in system mode (right or wrong).

I have 3 tunnel-sink modules attached to 3 different remote machines.

I have all 3 tunnel-sink(s) attached to a combined-sink.

When the server first starts, all the tunnel sinks work as expected 
through the combined-sink.  Much goodness!

When any of the 3 tunnel-sink machines are rebooted, the tunnel-sink 
stops to the rebooted machine.  I have to reboot the pulseaudio server 
to get the tunnel-sink to work properly again.

Is this the expected behavior?
Should I expect the server to rediscover the tunnel-sink when the 
machine attached to the tunnel-sink reboots?

The same think happens when I toggle the "Enable network access to local 
sound devices" check box in paprefs on the tunnel-sink.  When the box 
changes from unchecked to checked, the tunnel-sink isn't discovered and 
I have to restart the pulseaudio server.

I have seen a few postings on the internet in regards to this topic but 
no obvious solution.  I have search this newsgroup too.

Is this issue something that might be resolved with tunnel-sink-new?



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