[pulseaudio-discuss] Capture volume

Klaus Vink Slott klaus at vink-slott.dk
Mon Jun 1 10:42:55 PDT 2015

Den 31-05-2015 kl. 15:01 skrev Tanu Kaskinen:
> On Sat, 2015-05-30 at 17:48 +0200, Klaus Vink Slott wrote:
>> Is it the programs (SFLPhone) responsibility to save the setting or
>> might it be some other program which it affects the setting as soon as
>> SFLPhone terminates the call and removes the capture device.
> About terminology: SFLPhone doesn't create or remove any capture
> devices. The microphone device is always there. SFLPhone creates a
> stream that gets connected to the microphone. Both the microphone device
> and the SFLPhone stream have their own volumes. It's not clear from your
> description which volume is not getting saved.

Ok, thanks for clarifying. What I saw was SFLPhone mic. stream which
always started all the way down. However I have been playing a little
more with it since then: It seems that if I make two consecutive calls
then sensitivity is stored between calls. I will have to do some more
testing, but right now I suspect that the problem have something to do
with unplug/replug the USB headset. Or maybee suspend/resume of my labtop.

> PulseAudio will save both the device and the stream volume. If that
> doesn't seem to be happening, some other program is messing with the
> volume. Perhaps SFLPhone resets the volume every time it starts
> (applications sometimes like to do that, even though they really
> shouldn't).
So if I always insert my headset before I launch SFLPhone or resume my
PC it might work.

It also seems suspicious to me is that I got 2 headset listed in KDE
Device Preference under SystemSetting/Multimedia. I have never used any
other headset on this computer. Is there a way to clean up these
listings of old/nonexisting headset.


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