[pulseaudio-discuss] pavucontrol: local paths included in README

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 06:41:50 PDT 2015

13.03.2015 18:24, Peter Mattern wrote:
> Hello.
> Compiling pavucontrol by running ./configure (2.0) or ./autogen.sh (Git)
> and make is including local paths in ./doc/README, section "References"
> here, e. g.
>       1. file:///usr/local/peter/Tests/pavucontrol/doc/README.html#license
> instead of just
>       1. README#license
> Seen on up to date Arch Linux x86_64.
> Can anyone tell me whether this is a problem on my side or there's
> something wrong in the code?

Pavucontrol build system uses lynx for generation of the README file 
from html. The lynx output is being post-processed for this particular 
problem with sed, see ./doc/Makefile.am

The sed expression there looks for file://localhost/.../doc/README.html, 
while your lynx produces file:///.../doc/README.html. So it needs to be 
updated. I will post a patch in a few minutes.

OTOH I really don't like the fact that the local lynx configuration in 
/etc/lynxrc can affect the output.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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