[pulseaudio-discuss] Many differences between pulseaudio built from source and installed from package

Erotavlas_turbo at libero.it Erotavlas_turbo at libero.it
Wed May 6 08:08:23 PDT 2015

I'm new of pulseaudio and I started to use it since 2 months. I have some 
questions about the differences in terms of available modules between built 
from source and installed from package.
I'm using Debian 8.0 and Ubuntu 14.04 both at 64 bit, very similar OS.
If I install pulseaudio 5.0 from package I have available only 9 modules 
(module-udev-detect module-native-protocol-unix module-stream-restore module-
device-restore module-default-device-restore module-rescue-streams module-
always-sink module-null-sink module-suspend-on-idle module-position-event-
sounds) while by building it from source I have 23 modules (module-device-
restore module-stream-restore module-card-restore module-augment-properties 
module-switch-on-port-available module-udev-detect module-alsa-card module-
bluetooth-policy module-bluetooth-discover module-bluez5-discover module-esound-
protocol-unix module-native-protocol-unix module-default-device-restore module-
rescue-streams module-always-sink module-intended-roles module-suspend-on-idle 
module-console-kit module-position-event-sounds module-role-cork module-filter-
heuristics module-filter-apply).
Moreover, I also installed latest pulseaudio 6.0 from source and I have 13 
modules (module-udev-detect module-alsa-card module-esound-protocol-unix module-
native-protocol-unix module-stream-restore module-device-restore module-default-
device-restore module-rescue-streams module-always-sink module-suspend-on-idle 
module-position-event-sounds module-bluetooth-discover module-bluez5-discover).

For building from source I used the following command line
./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var --disable-
bluez4 --disable-rpath --with-module-dir=/usr/lib/pulse/modules

1) How can I choose which modules to install?
2) Is it right that the resampling profiles src-sinc-best-quality src-sinc-
medium-quality src-sinc-fastest src-zero-order-hold src-linear are deprecated 
since pulseaudio 6.0?
3) When building from source option is --enable-neon-opt  Enable NEON  the 
only performance improvement that I can enable?

Thank you very much

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