[pulseaudio-discuss] changing default pulseaudio output device

Samuele Carcagno sam.carcagno at gmail.com
Fri May 15 08:33:02 PDT 2015


thanks for the advice.

> ...except that it seems that the KDE-specific routing system isn't
> working either. It sounds like things just don't get saved on disk.
> Is this "KDE multimedia settings" the same as KMix? KMix should have a
> list of "media roles", such as video, music, game, event etc. Each role
> should have a list of audio devices, which you can prioritize by
> reordering the list. Assuming that you have a similar settings in this
> "KDE multimedia settings" thing, does the device-manager database
> timestamp in ~/.config/pulse get updated after you change the device
> priorities? (Wait 10 seconds before checking; the device-manager
> database gets written to disk after a 10 second delay.)
> If the timestamp doesn't get updated, then module-device-manager doesn't
> write anything to the disk. In that case, check if module-device-manager
> is even loaded with "pactl list modules".

I've investigated a little more:

1) the issue seems to be KDE specific, because if I use fluxbox then the 
sink that I choose with pavucontrol sticks across reboots (to fluxbox, 
but not KDE).

2) the module-device-manager seems loaded, this is the output of pactl 
list modules:

Module #24
         Name: module-device-manager
         Argument: do_routing=1
         Usage counter: n/a
                 module.author = "Colin Guthrie"
                 module.description = "Keep track of devices (and their 
descriptions) both past and present and prioritise by role"
                 module.version = "5.0"

3) I'm not clear which file specifically is the device-manager database 
in ~/.config/pulse. In there, there is a file called 
'19c51c60c1f643f584a4a976530e28f8-device-manager.tdb' and its timestamp 
does get update when I change the "KDE multimedia settings" (that's the 
same interface you get if you choose audio setup in kmix). The settings 
I choose stick if I logout and log back in, but if I reboot they don't 



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