[pulseaudio-discuss] Help needed configuring Bluetooth speaker with system mode

Tanu Kaskinen tanuk at iki.fi
Sat May 30 02:38:29 PDT 2015

On Fri, 2015-05-29 at 15:47 -0700, Northern Lights Info wrote:
> Thanks for the response.  If it¹s a kernel module issue, which module is
> needed?  I haven¹t seen any reference to kernel modules on this subject.
> > Do you have the required kernel modules installed? "Protocol not available"
> > sounds like
> >  a kernel message. Modules can be found under networking in the kernel
> > configuration.
> > 
> Okay, I suppose this makes sense

The likely reason for that error is that PulseAudio doesn't have
module-bluetooth-discover loaded.

> > 
> >  You don't need to load module-bluez5-device directly.
> > module-bluetooth-discover is the only
> >  module you need to load. module-bluetooth-discover loads then
> > module-bluez4-discover or
> >  module-bluez5-discover depending on your bluez version and that module
> > automatically loads
> >  module-bluez4-device or module-bluez5-device as soon as a bluetooth device
> > turns up.
> > 
> As to your follow-up of whether or not things work when not logged in as
> root, well, I can¹t tell because if I create a user and log into it, while
> PulseAudio launches fine, when I try to run bluetoothctl, I get its prompt
> but then it¹s dead in the water and doesn¹t respond to me typing.  Before I
> learned of the system mode option, I tried pulseaudio ‹start ­D when logged
> in as root.  If I quickly run the bluetoothctl command sequence, I can
> connect to the speaker and then do pacmd list-sinks and see it.  I just
> doesn¹t do the same thing in system mode. I get that error.  I did try
> copying my default.pa to system.pa but that didn¹t help.

The initial problem was that module-bluetooth-discover isn't included in
system.pa, which is used in the system mode instead of default.pa.
Copying default.pa over system.pa should fix that problem, but it may
introduce new ones.

What if you just add module-bluetooth-discover to system.pa?


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