[pulseaudio-discuss] audio gap after move sink-input

golden magic.lixin at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 01:46:35 PST 2015

Hi pulseaudio forks,

    Sorry to ask silly questions again. I need some advice from you guys.
    I have a front alsa sink and a rear alsa sink, right now, I`m using 
pa_stream connected
    to the front alsa sink, then I want to make the pa_stream both 
output to front and rear alsa sink.
    Here is the pipeline before move:
      pa_stream -> sink-input -> front alsa sink

    What I am doing is create a new combine-sink, and make the 
combine-sink connected with front and
    alsa sink, then move the sink input of pa_stream from front to 
    Here is the pipeline after move:

                                                -> sink-input -> front 
alsa sink
       pa_stream -> sink-input -> combine-sink
                                                -> sink-input ->  rear 
alsa sink

   I have dump all the data written to the front alsa sink,  There is a 
very small time of silence has been
   written to front alsa sink after pa_sink_input_move_to (about 20 ms), 
I think that might be the latency of
   speex resampler (to adjust the rates of sink-input in combine-sink).

   Do you have any advice to avoid this kind of noise ?  Thanks!


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