[pulseaudio-discuss] webrtc echo canceller update

arun at accosted.net arun at accosted.net
Wed Nov 4 04:14:23 PST 2015

As promised, here's a patch series to build on top of the updated webrtc echo
canceller code that I pushed the the webrtc-audio-processing repo. What's
included here is:

Patch 1-3: Update code for the changed API and use some new features
Patch 4-7: Add support for multi-channel AEC
Patch 8,9: Misc. changes, hook up some tracing support
Patch 10,11: Fix up AGC after the update

I've tested all of this on my laptop, and haven't spotted any regressions.
There's some more stuff that can potentially be enabled but is not (transient
suppressor, beamforming), that can be added after some testing in the future.


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