[pulseaudio-discuss] noise from built-in speaker on Toshiba Portege Z30B

Pavel Stehule pavel.stehule at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 11:28:29 PST 2015


I have "strange" problem with unwanted noise from built-in speaker. The
noise is low and doesn't depends on volume (except off) - and it is
detected only when the quiet is expected. I can disable this noise by
setting volume to off or by using external speaker. This issue is
detectable on pulseaudio systems - MATE, GNOME3 - fedora22, fedora23 - and
I tested kernel 4.4 without any success. This issue isn't on MS Win.

When I play any music, the sound system is working perfectly.

Bios 2.10 01/2015,

I didn't find any info about this issue, so I am writing to this mailing
list. How I can help to fix it? I can run some diagnostics tools, but I
have not idea, that tool I can use.


Pavel Stehule
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