[pulseaudio-discuss] raop2 support for module-raop-sink (v5)

Hajime Fujita crisp.fujita at nifty.com
Thu Oct 15 20:10:40 PDT 2015


I'd like to ask for reviewing a set of patches on raop2 support again.
After a long period we finally resolved the memory corruption issue that 
was pointed out by Alexander [1].

The latest patches are here, rebased onto master as of today.


Now the code is tested with "valgrind  --trace-children=yes 
--leak-check=full ./src/pulseaudio". No raop-related warning showed up, 
while some from tools called from the libtools wrapper script showed up.
Also the following warning showed up but this was also observed in the 
   ==19752== Warning: invalid file descriptor 1034 in syscall close()

Thank you in advance,

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