[pulseaudio-discuss] packaging problem.

Jay Cotton jay.cotton at oracle.com
Thu Dec 15 11:11:55 UTC 2016

Hi guys:

I was importing pulseaudio v9.0 and I noticed that the LICENSE file is 
changed, it refers to


That file is not in the source distro, but I found the patch that is supposed to put it in the distro.  So
my assumption is that the package manifest needs to be updated.

The file and path are src/pulsecore/filter/LICENSE.WEBKIT

However in that directory
biquad.c      crossover.c   lfe-filter.c
biquad.h      crossover.h   lfe-filter.h

The file is missing.  A find of the entire repo shows on the ~/LICENSE.

I'm not certain that this is a bug, if so I can file it.



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