[pulseaudio-discuss] Change the qpaeq license from AGPL to LGPL?

Tanu Kaskinen tanuk at iki.fi
Fri Dec 16 13:13:54 UTC 2016

Hi all,

A bug was recently filed about the top-level LICENSE file not
mentioning the AGPL licensing of qpaeq:

I was surprised to find out that qpaeq is licensed under AGPL. While we
could simply fix the top-level LICENSE file, I would prefer to change
the qpaeq license to LGPL v2.1 instead to be in line with the rest of
the PulseAudio code. I don't have anything against AGPL as such, but I
am against complicating the licensing terms of PulseAudio for no good

In order to be able to change the license, we need an explicit
permission to do so from everyone who holds copyright to any part of
the code of qpaeq. Below is a list of every qpaeq contributor. I'm not
sure every small change is copyrightable, but I don't want to ignore
anyone's contribution at this point. If we don't get the permission
from everyone, we can at that point discuss if we can change the
license anyway.

The contributors:

Jason Newton

    added qpaeq script for GUI equalizer control to src/util

    remove .py extension from qpaeq

    src/utils/qpaeq: added more friendly error messages to common errors

Maarten Bosmans

    qpaeq: Make it python3 and python2 compatible

Arun Raghavan

    utils: Typo fixes in qpaeq

Matěj Laitl

    qpaeq: Try to load equalizer module before failing, better error messages

Aidan Gauland

    qpaeq: Don't set font-size on widgets

If you're one of the listed contributors, please reply to this mail,
stating whether you give permission to change the license of the code
you wrote to LGPL v2.1.

Of course, if anyone (contributor or not) thinks relicensing is a bad
idea, speak up. We can always just add a note about AGPL to the top-
level LICENSE.



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