[pulseaudio-discuss] Way to treat (almost) equal sound-devices different?

Stefan Neufeind pulseaudio at stefan-neufeind.de
Wed Feb 3 03:42:05 PST 2016


I'm using an external dock which contains sound-output. One such
dock-box at work, one in the home-office. Basically it's usb-connected
with an additional external sound-device in the dock.

Pulseaudio knows when the dock is not connected and falls back to
internal sound-output.

But is there a way to differentiate which of the two docks is connected,
maybe by taking the serial-number of the dock into account?

I didn't find any status of "speakers (not) connected" in pulseaudio for
that device unfortunately. Of course that would work for me as well.

My current idea was that at work where there are no external speakers
connected currently it might want to use the internal sound while at
home it should use the additional output from the dock.

Kind regards,

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