[pulseaudio-discuss] [ANNOUNCE] PulseAudio 8.0 is out!

Arun Raghavan arun at accosted.net
Thu Jan 21 23:51:25 PST 2016

I'm pleased to announce the availability of PulseAudio 8.0. A short
summary of the changes in this release:

 * Automatic routing more likely to change profile
 * OS X and NetBSD support improvements
 * Systemd journal logging for clients
 * New LFE balance programming interface
 * Module-dbus-protocol improvements
 * More flexible configuration file handling
 * pulsecore-8.0.so moved to a private directory
 * New script for measuring memory consumption
 * Various bug fixes and small improvements

Of note to packages is the availability of a more flexible
configuration for distribution-specific config, and the change in
installation path of the libpulsecore.

A more detailed changelog is up at:


The release is at the usual place:

MD5: 8678442ba0bb4b4c33ac6f62542962df
SHA1: 1399a2f6288ad743184b6c2192129fef033343ac

To all 31 contributors in the git logs, and everyone else who's been
actively helping on IRC and Bugzilla -- thank you!

Cheers and a good weekend,

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