[pulseaudio-discuss] just a friendly request

ty armour aarmour at cipmail.org
Sun Jan 31 14:43:12 PST 2016

I am looking for tutorials on how to basically rewrite pulseaudio. how to
write drivers for soundcards and how to capture input at a very low level.

As Well I am looking for tutorials on using pulseaudio in synthesizer
applications. Tutorials for this would basically be like tutorials on
writing guitarix rakkaracck ardour vmpk qsynth etcetera.

I think it would help pulseaudio get developed more, as well it would help
people develop their own audio applications.

you could also do tutorials on compiling and using pulseaudio under cygwin
too. though you may have to develop cygwin in order to do so. but you could
do it, and then you could write software similar to the software mentioned
above under cygwin.

itll be an interesteing project for you guys and the tutorials that come
out of it will help developers everywhere.
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