[pulseaudio-discuss] add delay

Doug McCasland dmccasland at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 15:40:56 UTC 2016

Hi, not sure if this got sent already...

My setup:
- Ubuntu headless  TigerVNC server
- Windows 10 PC on same LAN (gigabit), with speakers and Cygwin 
pulseaudio.exe daemon, TigerVNC viewer

I'm sending sound from Linux to Windows with this setting in Linux 

default-server = winhostname

Problem is when watching a video (being rendered by the browser on 
Linux), the sound is ahead of the video in Windows VNCViewer by about a 
half-second as heard on the Windows speakers.

Is there a way to delay the sound sent from Linux to Windows?

I see there is latency_msec  in module-loopback, but I don't know to 
configure that.


Doug McCasland
San Francisco

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