[pulseaudio-discuss] Issue in libpulse crash for calc_next_timeout

Dhananjay Joshi dhananjayingroup at gmail.com
Sat Jul 23 12:38:43 UTC 2016

we are getting the below assertion failed in libpulse ultimately causes

static pa_usec_t calc_next_timeout(pa_mainloop *m) {
    pa_time_event *t;
    pa_usec_t clock_now;

    if (m->n_enabled_time_events <= 0)
        return PA_USEC_INVALID;

 *   pa_assert_se(t = find_next_time_event(m));* //// assertion failed here
and causes the crash

    if (t->time <= 0)
        return 0;

    clock_now = pa_rtclock_now();

    if (t->time <= clock_now)
        return 0;

    return t->time - clock_now;

this crash happened due to the following API call.


above function causes a crash in libpulse code.

#0  __GI_raise (sig=sig at entry=6) at
#1  0xb6bd5690 in __GI_abort () at abort.c:89
#2  0xb525dbe0 in calc_next_timeout (m=<optimized out>) at
#3  pa_mainloop_prepare (m=0x0, m at entry=0xb37d8, timeout=timeout at entry=-1)
at /usr/src/debug/pulseaudio/6.0-r0/pulseaudio-6.0/src/pulse/mainloop.c:800
#4  0xb525e4dc in pa_mainloop_iterate (m=m at entry=0xb37d8, block=block at entry=1,
retval=retval at entry=0x0) at
#5  0xb525e5bc in pa_mainloop_run (m=0xb37d8, retval=retval at entry=0x0) at
#6  0xb526e1a0 in thread (userdata=0xb2820) at
#7  0xb51fc11c in internal_thread_func (userdata=0xb62c0) at
#8  0xb6df4040 in start_thread (arg=0xb00fe420) at pthread_create.c:314

Note: This issue occurs randomly. with pulseaudio-6.0

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