[pulseaudio-discuss] Two audio sources over network

Gavin Jacobs apriljunkbox at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 28 22:17:40 UTC 2016

I have a computer in an attic running Ubuntu 16.04 - this is a desktop computer. It has two radios attached and I want to hear the sound from either/both of them on my Windows 10 laptop in the basement. 

So far, I have XRDP installed on the desktop, I connect using Remote Desktop Connection from the laptop to the desktop. In my .xsession file I have this:
which is the IP address of my laptop. On the laptop, I run a PulseAudio daemon from a command window. This works fine for the Software Defined Radio - it uses an app to generate audio on the RFSERVER01, and that audio is (somehow magically) sent to the laptop. This is working fine.

Meanwhile, the second radio puts out an analog audio line-out, which I have connected to the line-in jack of the desktop. I haven't figured out how to get that over the network. I tried pavucontrol on the desktop, but it just shows the input devices which are on the laptop. Somehow PulseAudio is linking both the input and output devices from the laptop to the desktop - that's fine for the first radio, but not for the second. How can I get the Line-In from the desktop to the laptop (without messing up what's already working).

If it matters, I know a ton about windows and networking, but not so much about Linux.


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