[pulseaudio-discuss] Audio from programs within network namespaces

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Sun Jul 31 05:12:36 UTC 2016


I've recently set-up a local network namespace for VPN purposes. While
networking works without issue, if I try to play audio in a program
within this namespace, no audio is heard, and nothing of the program
shows up in pavucontrol.

Researching this issue have mostly turned up threads about audio from
docker containers. As I understand it, these containers are able to run
their own instance of pulseaudio, so transferring audio over the network
is no issue.

Network namespaces are another issue, however, because a pulseaudio
instance is already running on the host. I'm not able to start a second
server, so network transfer doesn't seem to be possible.

While I haven't tried yet, I expect my issue can be resolved by running
pulseaudio in system-mode. Being the only user on the system, this
shouldn't be an issue. But because there are several reasons not to run
it in system-mode [1], I'm saving that for a last resort.

So then, is it possible for pulseaudio to play the audio from a program
within a network namespace? If that is the case, how is that done?


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