[pulseaudio-discuss] cannot set volume in c++

pfl pfl at messofts.be
Sun Jun 5 08:16:29 UTC 2016

hello everyone,

for a raspberrry applicance I need to setup the input volume of the 
microphone programaticaly

in c++, I can read the actual value (changed if I change it in the pa 
mixer), but as I set it, it does not seem to work...

after I launched my code, I check in the pa panel mixer, the volume is 
not changed

below, the sources with their chanels and volumes

of Audio Adapter Analog Stereo'(0)=65536(1)=65536SOURCE 
Adapter Analog Mono'(0)=26281SOURCE 
:[2]'alsa_output.0.analog-stereo.monitor''Monitor of bcm2835 ALSA Analog 

so I try to change volume of source index #1

failed");return;}printf("new volume: 

please can someone help ?


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