[pulseaudio-discuss] HFP HF - Reject SCO Issue

Jomon John jomon.john at tataelxsi.co.in
Tue Jun 7 10:11:33 UTC 2016

Thank you for the help,

>>> Did you check with "pacmd list-sinks" and "pacmd list-sources" if the
>>> bluetooth sink and source are
>>> available? Did you check if loopback modules get loaded?
>>> If they get loaded, please check if they are loaded correctly. There
>>> must be one module with source
>>> set to your phone and sink set to your default sound device and one
>>> module in the other direction.
>>> You should also see some output of the loopback modules in the
>>> pulseaudio log.
>> Thanks for the support, things are getting more and more interesting because now,
>> * A2DP is working fine, but i cant find bluez source or sink in pacmd or pactl outputs, but same time the loading of module loopback with bluez_source is shown in journalctl logs of pulseaudio.
>>      module.c: Loaded "module-loopback" (index: #28; argument: "source="bluez_source.CC_C3_EA_0A_15_90" source_dont_move="true" sink_input_properties="media.role=music"").

>Mh, that is strange, pacmd list-sources should definitely show the bluez 
>source, you can see from
>the arguments of the loopback module that the source exists.

Is this anyway related to dbus configuration or selected bus (ssystem vs session) ?  

>> * Same for HFP, nothing related to bluez_* in pactl or pacmd outputs. Again i can see the audio levels changing in pavucontrol (connected from external machine with PULSE_SERVER) but only one side audio is working which is from device side mic to other end.  on the other side (calling phone to device) the levels are changing but seems to be not routed to the default sink (since the levels are not changing in the default sink)
>>      Loaded "module-loopback" (index: #30; argument: "source="bluez_source.CC_C3_EA_0A_15_90" source_dont_move="true" sink_input_properties="media.role=phone"").
>>      card.c: Changed profile of card 1 "bluez_card.CC_C3_EA_0A_15_90" to headset_audio_gateway
>> some more information regarding the setup,
>> * Everything is run as root user who is member of audio and pulse groups
>> * PA daemon is not in system mode
>> * ofono and bluez is available on dbus system bus but pulseaudio is on dbus session bus (is this the right way ??)

>Is there only one loopback module? There should be two, one from the 
>bluez source to the default sink and
>one from the default source to the bluez sink.

You were right, as per the logs the module-loopback loaded two times, 

     [pulseaudio] module.c: Loaded "module-loopback" (index: #41; argument: "sink="bluez_sink.CC_C3_EA_0A_15_90" sink_dont_move="true" source_output_properties="media.role=phone"")

     [pulseaudio] module.c: Loaded "module-loopback" (index: #42; argument: "source="bluez_source.CC_C3_EA_0A_15_90" source_dont_move="true" sink_input_properties="media.role=phone"").
The audio from default source is channeled to phone but i cant hear any output audio from phone on the board while HFP session, so is there any way to control or verify the the source sink routing during the HFP session.

With Regards,

John J

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