[pulseaudio-discuss] Why does module-suspend-on-idle.c think this source is idle?

Steven Wawryk stevenw at acres.com.au
Mon Mar 21 02:58:14 UTC 2016

Sorry for the repost.  I screwed up the subject line.

>/ >I'm trying to integrate an ALSA driver I've written for an embedded />/platform with PulseAudio 4.0. The "soundcard" has 32 channels, of which />/I'm trying to use 24. The dummy and loopback ALSA devices come up as cards />/0 and 1. My device comes up as card 2. />>/ > />>/ >My simple loopback of 2 groups of 12 channels (loopback-2x12.pa) works, />/though the output is somewhat distorted. />>/ > />>/ >When I input from the card source (alsa_input.2) and try to output with />/RTP (rtp-send-2x12.pa, and the simpler precursor rtp-send-2x12 (copy).pa), />/there is some initial network traffic then alsa_input.2 suspends due to />/being idle, as at the end of pa_output.txt. I'm having trouble trying to />/understand why it thinks alsa_input.2 is idle. />>/ > />/You probably need to use the inhibit_auto_suspend module argument on />/module-rtp-send. /Thanks Arun.

This feature appears to have been introduced in version 5.0.  I am
trying to get it upgraded to a later version but not sure if I can.

Either way. isn't this argument about suspending when idle?  The primary
issue here seems to be that PA thinks it's idle when it shouldn't be.
Even if I can upgrade and put this argument in, will the stream be idle?


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