[pulseaudio-discuss] Add filter to module-switch-on-connect

mudrunka at spoje.net mudrunka at spoje.net
Sun May 1 02:06:33 UTC 2016

i've understood that i can use module-switch-on-connect to automatically 
switch to bluetooth speaker as soon as it gets connected. However i 
don't want this to happen for ethernet sinks. We have like 8 IP sinks in 
our network (randomly connecting and disconnecting - each station in our 
office has public pulseaudio server), so i guess it would be complete 
mess. But i'd still like to use them manually at will, but have it done 
automatically for paired bt devices.

So i'd like module-switch-on-connect to have some optional whitelist of 
devices, so i can load it like eg.:

load-module module-switch-on-connect 

which would enable automatic switch for bt devices with any MAC, any 
avahi-discovered device in subnet and avahi device on

What do you think about this concept? is it doable?


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