[pulseaudio-discuss] Should we ban Raymond from bugzilla?

David Henningsson diwic at ubuntu.com
Wed May 4 05:53:25 UTC 2016

On 2016-05-04 06:49, Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> Raymond produces too many irrelevant comments and seems not to 
> understand what he is talking about or what was already debugged. May 
> I request a ban in order to increase our signal-to-noise ratio?

First; I think it's inappropriate to ask this 1) in a public forum and 
2) without involving Raymond in the conversation.

But since you asked in public, I'm inclined to answer in public. I've 
seen a lot of Raymond's comments over the years both here and in the 
Ubuntu bug tracker, sometimes he's spot on and very helpful, and 
sometimes he's discussing things that are irrelevant to the bug, which 
can be confusing. Maybe we have a tendency to notice the latter but not 
the former?

But it also strikes me that we've been talking about Raymond rather than 
to Raymond, and I'd like to change that - better late than never.

So, Raymond,

Hi! Would you like to introduce yourself a bit? Tell us where you're 
from, what your motivations are, and how we can help you to focus on 
solving what the bug is about, rather than getting side tracked on other 
potential issues?

// David

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