[pulseaudio-discuss] pa stream write routine return values

John Promersberger jpromersberger at hotmail.com
Thu May 19 21:30:09 UTC 2016

Ok, I guess the information that I want is directly accessible.  retval simply tells me that I need to get the error from my context instance?

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Everyone in this listing has been absolutely amazing in their willingness to help.

So I wrote my program that plays various wav files on multiple streams upon request along with several samples.  Works really well so far, but I'm trying to handle the last couple of errors. Very infrequently, meaning it happened once after 5 days, my stream write callback calls

int retval = pa_stream_write(s, base + offset, writeSize, NULL, 0, PA_SEEK_RELATIVE);

if (retval)

    sprintf(tempstr,"GDS Pulse Audio: ERROR: Stream write returned a value of %d", retval);

and retval will report a value of -15.

I have modified it to call pa_strerror, but I will likely have to run it for nearly a week hoping that it will repeat.

I expected a return value from the pa_error_code enum, not a negative number.

Can someone

  1. give me some insight into this retval

  2. determine it's meaning (or point me to some documentation of meanings, I'm willing to fish)


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