[pulseaudio-discuss] HFP HF - Reject SCO Issue

Georg Chini georg at chini.tk
Wed May 25 16:30:53 UTC 2016

On 25.05.2016 16:57, Denis Kenzior wrote:
> Hi John,
> On 05/25/2016 06:01 AM, Jomon John wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am trying to configure HFP with Bluez(5.34), Ofono(1.17) and 
>> pulseaudio(6) on a Freescale i.MX6 board using Linux 4.1.15 kernel, 
>> the idea is to use the target board in HFP/Handsfree Unit role. The 
>> bluetooth controller is a Pluggable USB Bluetooth Dongle (0a5c:21e8 - 
>> BCM20702A0) with updated firmware.
>> The procedure followed is,
>> * Pair & connect with the android mobile phone with the bluetoothctl
>> * Enable modem and dial number using ofono test scripts
>> After this the call is being made but the audio routing fails with 
>> "Reject SCO : Agent not registered" message from oFono. While 
>> checking with btmon its found that the SCO Connect Request has been 
>> rejected with the reason of limited resources(0x0d).
>> Can anyone help me to identify the root cause, I spent a lot of time 
>> trying different version combinations, loading firmware and checking 
>> logs but still nothing.

Did you load module-bluetooth-discover with headset=ofono as argument?
Normally this should be sufficient to make it work. When the connection 
is established,
pulseaudio automatically loads loopback modules for the phone. You might 
to check if the modules have the correct source / sink.
Additionally to observing the log files, you can debug what is going on 
by using
dbus-monitor to see the messages on the dbus.

> This looks like a problem with PulseAudio configuration. oFono does 
> not handle SCO data, PulseAudio does that. In order to do that, 
> PulseAudio needs to register an agent with oFono. Then the SCO socket 
> will be established and the fd handed off to PulseAudio to process the 
> audio data.
> I have no idea how this is accomplished in PulseAudio.  This question 
> is being asked fairly often recently.  Does PulseAudio have an 
> FAQ/documentation for this yet?

Unfortunately there is no HowTo as far as I know. Most stuff you find on 
the net is outdated.

> Regards,
> -Denis
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