[pulseaudio-discuss] HFP HF - Reject SCO Issue

Georg Chini georg at chini.tk
Sat May 28 12:11:47 UTC 2016

On 27.05.2016 21:18, Jomon John wrote:
> Hi All,
>>> Did you load module-bluetooth-discover with headset=ofono as argument?
>>> Normally this should be sufficient to make it work. When the connection
>>> is established,
>> Yes, module-bluetooth-discover is loaded, also tried with "ofono" and "auto" arguments, but nothing till now.
>>> pulseaudio automatically loads loopback modules for the phone. You might
>>> have to check if the modules have the correct source / sink.
>> Could you please provide further more details regrading the source sink setup.
>>> Additionally to observing the log files, you can debug what is going on
>>> by using dbus-monitor to see the messages on the dbus.
> Thanks, SCO transport is working now, even though i cant hear anything on headset sco traffic is visible via btmon during phone call.The issues were,
> * The build system(Yocto) was not properly enabling the ofono backend for pulseaudio, took some time to identify this.
> * Configured default.pa with proper module name name(module-bluez5-discover) and arguments
> * device, module and card restore modules are causing issues, so disabled it !!
> Currently trying to change volume with alsamixer is giving following message,
>      alsa-plugins-1.0.29/pulse/pulse.c:243:(pulse_connect) PulseAudio: Unable to connect: Connection refused
>      cannot open mixer: Connection refused
Did you check with "pacmd list-sinks" and "pacmd list-sources" if the 
bluetooth sink and source are
available? Did you check if loopback modules get loaded?
If they get loaded, please check if they are loaded correctly. There 
must be one module with source
set to your phone and sink set to your default sound device and one 
module in the other direction.
You should also see some output of the loopback modules in the 
pulseaudio log.

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