[pulseaudio-discuss] Issue migrating to pulseaudio8.0: Audio streamed through gsteamer pulsesink pulgin starts to play delayed

Tanu Kaskinen tanuk at iki.fi
Thu Nov 24 21:10:05 UTC 2016

On Thu, 2016-11-24 at 10:14 +0000, Mahendran, Dandapani (D.) wrote:
> Following is the issue we are facing while using Pulseaudio8.0 along
> with gstreamer pulsesink plugin.  This issue was not seen while using
> Pulseaudio4.0.
> Audio streaming started with an initial delay of 1.5 to 2 Secs. 
> Attached are the pulse & gst logs during the issue case.
> "route_andautonav" is the sink in which the problem is seen.
> Configuration for this sink in default.pa is load-module module-null-
> sink sink_name="route_andautonav"   format=s16le rate=44100
> channels=2.

Can you reproduce the problem if you play some wav file with paplay, or
is this specific to gstreamer?

How do you measure the initial delay? I see you use an application
called "aap_service" to play to the null sink (with 200 ms latency) and
record from the null sink's monitor with av_dsp (with 11.61 ms
latency). Does av_dsp play the recorded audio to some speakers so that
you can hear when the audio starts playing?

> Audio is streamed at 44.1kHz/Mono from gsteamer side.  Re-sampler is
> getting activated in pulseaudio.  Even if we convert this stream to
> stereo before passing to pulse, to avoid re-sampler, issue persists.

That's to be expected. Resampling doesn't require large buffers, so it
can't cause large latencies.



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