[pulseaudio-discuss] Issue migrating to pulseaudio8.0: Audio streamed through gsteamer pulsesink pulgin starts to play delayed

Tanu Kaskinen tanuk at iki.fi
Tue Nov 29 13:17:22 UTC 2016

On Tue, 2016-11-29 at 06:12 +0000, Mahendran, Dandapani (D.) wrote:
> Thank you.
> Following are the observations, when we tried to backtrack the
> changes.
> If we revert below changes under the function sink_process_msg(...)
> in module-null-sink.c, there is no initial delay in the playback. 
> The issue that we are facing is getting resolved.
> From (Pulseaudio-8.0):
>             if (pa_sink_get_state(u->sink) == PA_SINK_SUSPENDED || pa_sink_get_state(u->sink) == PA_SINK_INIT) {
>                 if (PA_PTR_TO_UINT(data) == PA_SINK_RUNNING || PA_PTR_TO_UINT(data) == PA_SINK_IDLE)
>                     u->timestamp = pa_rtclock_now();
>             }
> To (Pulseaudio-4.0 until 7.0):
>   	if (PA_PTR_TO_UINT(data) == PA_SINK_RUNNING)
>        	         u->timestamp = pa_rtclock_now();
> This change seems to have been introduced in pulseaudio-7.1.  Is this
> change for fixing some other issue? What is the impact of this
> change?

Usually when code is changed, the commit message explains why the
change is done. You can use "git blame src/modules/module-null-sink.c"
to find out the commit responsible for every line in the code, or "gitk
-- src/modules/module-null-sink.c" to see what changes have been done
to that file recently.

This change was done in this commit:

The commit message doesn't explain the problem in much detail, but
gives a link to a bug report:

If reverting the change fixes your problems, it seems like there's
still some bug to fix in module-null-sink. If you can reproduce the
problem with just pacat or other easily available software (that is,
without requiring your proprietary software), a formal bug report would
be welcome:



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