[pulseaudio-discuss] Issues playing audio to headset, HSP Role. A2DP works fine

Schaefer, Brandon brandon.schaefer at flukenetworks.com
Wed Oct 5 20:12:54 UTC 2016

I've attached related logs of pulseadio & bluez.

Working on an embedded system, pulseaudio ran as system daemon. I'm able to connect a headset and play audio after switching profile to a2dp_sink.
My issue arises when I try to follow the same steps to play audio via the headset_head_unit profile. pactl shows sinks and sources, and claims the status is "RUNNING" after attempting to send audio via aplay through pulse.
While connected as a headset_head_unit, I hear some random static, but not audio from aplay plays, and aplay never quits as if it is still attempting to send audio.

Any suggestions on what might be going wrong or configured incorrectly? Happy to provide any other information that is needed.

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