[pulseaudio-discuss] Select audio input for HFP calls

Marco Trapanese marcotrapanese at gmail.com
Mon Oct 10 08:25:42 UTC 2016

Il 09/10/2016 21:09, Georg Chini ha scritto:
> Ups, sorry, misread your mail. You can't use the smartphone microphone 
> the way
> I described in my last mail. I think this is not possible because once 
> you have the
> bluetooth connection it is expected that the input comes from the PC. 
> This is part
> of the HFP/HSP protocol.

Ah ok, good to know!
Got this, now the second question.

Few month ago I setup a working system (as described in the previous email).
Now I'm trying to replicate the same system - I'm talking about A2DP and 
On HFP I have two issues, I don't understand when and why happen.

Some time I hear nothing from the speakers, more often the other person 
can't hear me.
I attach the logs of bluez, pa and ofono recorded with the following 

1. start bluetoothd
2. start ofonod
3. start pulseaudio
4. using bluetoothctl pair the smartphone
5. make a call from the smartphone

As you see, the loopback modules seem to be loaded and the sink/sources 
created. Still there are errors and in this case nothing has worked: 
input mic and speakers were silent.

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