[pulseaudio-discuss] I'm on Patreon now

Tanu Kaskinen tanuk at iki.fi
Wed Oct 26 16:18:16 UTC 2016

Hello, list!

As you might know, I left my day job last year, and ever since I've
worked on PulseAudio without pay, relying on my savings to cover living
expenses. The freedom this arrangement allows is very nice, and I'd
like to make this lifestyle sustainable in the long term. The savings
won't last forever, so how to achieve sustainability? With
crowdfunding, obviously! I started a campaign today on Patreon, so if
funding my work seems like a good idea, you can do it now here:

Patreon works so that you choose the monthly amount you want to donate,
and Patreon will then charge your credit card automatically at the
beginning of each month, and the money gets transferred to my account
(minus Patreon's 5% cut and credit card fees). The per-supporter
amounts don't have to be big, even $1/month makes a real difference in
the rate at which my savings are depleted. You can change the monthly
amount or stop your support at any time.

Will this have some effects on my day-to-day work? Probably not. I plan
to start advertising the campaign on my email signatures, though. I
hope that won't be too annoying.



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