[pulseaudio-discuss] pa_context_set_source_volume_by_index() failed

pfl pfl at messofts.be
Wed Oct 26 16:47:41 UTC 2016

thanks for the infos, I am gonna check this now

btw do you have any web page where everything is explained ? sources, 
sinks, monitors, profiles.... all these

Le 26/10/2016 à 18:41, Tanu Kaskinen a écrit :
> On Tue, 2016-10-25 at 19:13 +0200, pfl wrote:
>> hi,
>> I try to set the volume on source #0 (the audio jack of my raspbery pi)
>> but it does not work
> There may be some confusion about the terminology. The audio jack on
> Raspberry Pi is only for output, and "sources" in pulseaudio are for
> recording input. I would guess that you're actually trying to set the
> playback volume, so you're interested in the "sink" volume, not the
> "source" volume.
>>       void setVolume(int index,int volume)  // where index is 0
>>       {
>>           pa_operation* o;
>>           currentVolume.values[0]=volume;
>>           if (!(o = pa_context_set_source_volume_by_index(context, index,
>> &currentVolume, NULL/*volumeCallback*/, NULL)))
>>           {
>>               printf("pa_context_set_source_volume_by_index() failed\n");
> You didn't say this explicitly, but from the mail subject I guess
> pa_context_set_source_volume_by_index() returned NULL. That can happen
> if currentVolume is invalid (you don't show how it's initialized, so I
> don't know if this is the case), or if the connection to the server is
> not yet ready or the connection has terminated. To debug this, you can
> query the connection state with pa_context_get_state().

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