[pulseaudio-discuss] Multi Workstation Single Home Directory NFS Mount

rjs fft2048 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 21:51:47 UTC 2016

First off, I am running on RedHat 6, not under my control, so I have pulse
I am running in normal user mode and everything is generally fine.
The issue is that we have multiple workstations and my user account is
NFS mounted across all workstations in the same directory.
If I have pulse running on one, then I get on another workstation and get
pulse running, the first, and eventually the second go out to lunch.
No applications can connect, pacmd returns:
"No PulseAudio daemon running, etc."
In addition, I believe the pulseaudio process stops and restarts every 5
seconds, generating many /tmp/pulse-.... directories.
By the way, the PID of the pulse instance, on each machine, is contained in
one of those directories, as I expect.
The only way to be able to connect again is to logout on one of the
kill pulseaudio, delete all of the /tmp/pulse-... directories, then restart.
Due to our environment, there is no way to avoid this configuration and most
likely cannot update our pulse version.
Is running pulseaudio in system-wide mode an option to solve this?
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