[pulseaudio-discuss] Multi Workstation Single Home Directory NFS Mount

rjs fft2048 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 10 20:53:51 UTC 2016

Thanks for your response and good troubleshooting ideas.
You wrote:
>First of all, home-directory-on-NFS *should* be supported just fine.
>The whole purpose of using the /tmp/pulse directories is to make this
>use case work.
Here's what I found.
The first place I looked was in the ~/.pulse directory and found an
problem. No matter how many of our workstations I logged in to, there was
only one set of asdfasdfasdf:xxx files, hence only one asdfasdfasdf:runtime
So, when I logged onto a workstation, it was the only one that had a valid
link to
a /tmp/pulse-yyyy directory! This is the case for every user. I now suspect
this is
an operating environment issue and not directly related to Pulse. Another
data point is that I went to another network I work on with the same Linux
environment; however, it just has a simple NFS mount for my home
directory.  On that network, I had many host ID entries in my
~/.pulse area.
I need to find out more about how our user accounts/directories are
managed, I believe
there is something having to do with LDAP involved. I am wondering which
machine belongs
to the ID I find in everyones ~/.pulse directory.
Do you know how that ID is generated.
One other thing.  I was successfully able to operate in system-wide daemon
mode, so
that is a viable option.  However, I had a problem automatically launching
it from
/etc/rc.d/rc.local at boot time.  I used the same command that I used as
root from the command line.
In /var/log/messages it reported that it could not create a /var/run/pulse
directory, which
already exists and is owned by pulse.  Not sure why it works from the
command line
as root by not at boot.
Thanks again for your help.

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> On Thu, 2016-09-08 at 17:51 -0400, rjs wrote:
> > Hi,
> > First off, I am running on RedHat 6, not under my control, so I have
> pulse
> > 0.9.22.
> > I am running in normal user mode and everything is generally fine.
> > The issue is that we have multiple workstations and my user account is
> > NFS mounted across all workstations in the same directory.
> > If I have pulse running on one, then I get on another workstation and get
> > pulse running, the first, and eventually the second go out to lunch.
> > No applications can connect, pacmd returns:
> > "No PulseAudio daemon running, etc."
> Note that pacmd is not like other applications. Normal applications
> should autospawn pulseaudio if it's not running, pacmd won't do that.
> > In addition, I believe the pulseaudio process stops and restarts every 5
> > seconds, generating many /tmp/pulse-.... directories.

> First of all, home-directory-on-NFS *should* be supported just fine.
> The whole purpose of using the /tmp/pulse directories is to make this
> use case work.
> Restarting every 5 seconds is a problem in itself, but even then, that
> should not generate multiple /tmp/pulse directories. In the ~/.pulse
> directory there should be one asdfasdfasdf:runtime symlink per machine.
> The "asdfasdfasdf" part is the machine-id, so every machine has its own
> symlink to its own /tmp/pulse directory. A new /tmp/pulse directory
> needs to be created only if the asdfasdfasdf:runtime symlink doesn't
> exist or points to non-existing target (I think wrong permissions can
> trigger /tmp/pulse regeneration too).
> What are the permissions of the asdfadsfasdf:runtime symlink, and what
> are the permissions of the /tmp/pulse directories? Anything strange in
> those?
> What does "PULSE_LOG=99 pactl info" print when things don't work?
> > By the way, the PID of the pulse instance, on each machine, is contained
> in
> > one of those directories, as I expect.
> > The only way to be able to connect again is to logout on one of the
> > workstations,
> > kill pulseaudio, delete all of the /tmp/pulse-... directories, then
> restart.
> > Due to our environment, there is no way to avoid this configuration and
> most
> > likely cannot update our pulse version.
> > Is running pulseaudio in system-wide mode an option to solve this?
> Yes, running in the system-wide mode will likely work around the issue.
> --
> Tanu
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