[pulseaudio-discuss] Multi user access to PulseAudio

Ralph Benzinger dev at endlos.net
Sun Sep 11 10:19:18 UTC 2016


I'm trying to configure PulseAudio on a fresh Kubuntu 16.04 install.

When I'm logged into the desktop, I run a few other programs such
as browsers as different users.  By default, those programs are not
allowed to access PulseAudio.

How can I change that and enable multi user access to PulseAudio?

Desprite Googling for days, I can't get this to work.  Suggestions I
found that DON'T work include:

- running in system mode (but that is bad, so I won't)
- passing auth-cookie-enabled=0 to module-native-protocol-unix in
  /etc/pulse/default.pa (no effect)
- enabling network access (that seems a little overkill, and also
  didn't work for me).

So please, what is the official way of granting users other than the
logged-in user access to PulseAudio?


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