[pulseaudio-discuss] Multi user access to PulseAudio

Ralph Benzinger dev at endlos.net
Sun Sep 11 11:10:53 UTC 2016

Thanks for the detailed explanations, Tanu!

On September 11, you wrote:
> I'd just use the system mode. There's not much of a difference between
> a system daemon and a daemon that isn't technically running in the
> system mode but accepts connections from multiple users.

Well, I was staying away from system mode only because PA strongly
suggests so.

Actually looking at "what is wrong with system mode?", all security
issues are moot for me, as I own all the users on the system.  But
the point

    When in system mode, shared memory data transport is disabled for
    security reasons, which means: much higher memory usage and CPU
    load in system mode

does sound bad.  Could someone quantify this statement so that one
might see if this is an actual issue (rather than a mere fact) on a
modern desktop system?


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