[pulseaudio-discuss] SUN Station with ULTRA SPARC III processor

Ulrich Eckhardt pulseaudio at base-42.de
Fri Sep 16 15:31:19 UTC 2016

Hello Amar,

MOUFFOK Amar <amar.mouffok at rte-france.com> wrote:
> So, in one side, I have my SUN Station like described above and
> running SOLARIS 8, to the order side I have my PC (Windows 7) What I
> want ? Simply export the sound from the SUN Station to my PC by using
> the network, the machines are on the same LAN !

So far, so good, this shouln't be a problem in general.

> 1-I have downloaded pulseaudio-9.0.tar.xz from the WEB site
> (Freedesktop)

It would help if you provided the exact link, just so everybody knows
which archive you downloaded.

> and now I have this in my SUN Station and I don't find the file
> called pulseaudio that you talk about in the first steps !

Here, too, it would help if you provided a link. Without that, it's
impossible to tell which first steps you are talking about.

Anyhow, here's what I'm guessing:
 * You downloaded the sourcecode. That means that in order to use it,
you will have to compile it. Also, you will have to install all other
libraries that pulseaudio depends on. Similarly, install them either by
compiling or by using the system's package manager.
 * Compiling on the SUN Station may may be slightly different than
compiling on Linux, which is the system you will find most information
for. I would therefore suggest that you compile on Linux first, so that
you have an idea of the steps involved.
 * Even easier would be to install binaries. Similarly, locating
binaries for Linux is probably trivial, for the SUN Station it will
probably be more difficult. Using the binaries, you could test the
setup, which would make sure that the setup itself works.

That said, it's unclear what exactly you are doing. Maybe using email
is also not the best of all ideas. Maybe using IRC would be better to
first discuss what you want and need and to form a plan.

Good luck!


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