[pulseaudio-discuss] Sampling rate problem on module-rtp-recv

Joe (Yu) Zhou yzhou61 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 04:25:57 UTC 2017


I'm having some trouble with module-rtp-recv. I have a pulseaudio instance
running rtp-send on the other end of a local network, and on the local
rtp-recv module I'm setting "latency_msec" to 50ms. The problem I'm
observing is that the module tries to meet the latency requirement but
couldn't, so it keeps bumping up the estimated sampling rate, trying to
read more data, to a point where the estimated sample rate is much higher
than the original sent by the rtp-send module. This then causes massive
data underrun and creates pops and stutters on the stream.

My question is, shouldn't pulseaudio try to limit the sample rate once it
hits any underrun? I do see that if I set "latency_msec" to a less
aggressive 100ms, the problem mostly goes away. And I'm having trouble
understanding what the limiting factors are.

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