[pulseaudio-discuss] [PATCH] systemd: disable socket activation for root

Joe josephj at main.nc.us
Thu Feb 9 19:50:02 UTC 2017

I don't know. Sometimes experts get so close to the details of a project 
that they miss something simple from another viewpoint.

I don't know how pulseaudio works. I just use it, but I've been 
following this list for awhile to see what I can learn.

whoami is almost the same as touch in this case (I said "something like 
touch"). The only relevant difference I can think of is that another 
user might have the same permissions/issues as root, but have a 
different name.

 From reading other posts on this thread, I guess the main deal is to 
avoid doing something which generates a failure state when you're just 
trying to figure out your environment. That might rule out a "do 
something" approach.

No need to reply to this.


On 02/09/2017 01:51 PM, Tanu Kaskinen wrote:
> On Wed, 2017-02-08 at 12:41 -0500, Joe wrote:
>> I'm completely out of my depth here - I program mostly in bash, but ...
>> If you want to know if you can do something, one way is to try to do it
>> and see if it fails.
>> What would happen if you just issued something harmless like a touch
>> command to something in the path?
>> Wouldn't that give you a definitive answer without checking any flags or
>> settings?
> How do you propose running the command? Should the command be specified
> in ExecStartPre, or did you have something else in mind? And how would
> using "touch" be better for figuring out whether we're root than using
> "whoami"?

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