[pulseaudio-discuss] problem with webrtc and pulseaudio

Tanu Kaskinen tanuk at iki.fi
Tue Feb 14 11:24:59 UTC 2017

On Mon, 2017-02-13 at 13:50 -0300, Fatima Castiglione Maldonado 发
> Hi,
> am new to this list, my name is Fatima.

Welcome to the list!

> We are using a webapp called BigBlueButton.org for conferencing.
> It work OK while using it under Firefox on Ubuntu 14.04.
> When we use it under Chrome 56 on Ubuntu 14.04, mic audio gets broken.

What does "broken" mean more specifically? Things appear to work, but
the microphone produces just silence?

> BigBlueButton's demo server uses HTTPS, and so BigBlueButton client uses
> webrtc.
> If we switch to a different BigBlueButton server which uses HTTP,
> BigBlueButton client fallbacks to Flash audio and mic sound is OK again.
> So we understand that the problem lies in the communication between webrtc
> and PulseAudio or ALSA or Driver (not sure which one webrtc is talking to).
> As this problem only arises with one specific notebook model, we strongly
> suspect that this is a driver-related problem.

So Chrome 56 on Ubuntu 14.04 works on other machines except that one
notebook model?

> Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

Does the volume meter for the microphone in pavucontrol show any activity?

The output of "pactl list" and the verbose pulseaudio log might be
useful. Run "pactl list" while using the webapp (when you expect the
microphone to be in use). This mailing list has message size limit of
100KB, so you'll probably need to compress those if you send them as
attachments. Here are instructions for getting the verbose log:



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