[pulseaudio-discuss] problem with webrtc and pulseaudio

Tanu Kaskinen tanuk at iki.fi
Wed Feb 15 09:27:13 UTC 2017

On Tue, 2017-02-14 at 11:21 -0300, Fatima Castiglione Maldonado 发
> > So Chrome 56 on Ubuntu 14.04 works on other machines except that one
> > notebook model?
> That is exactly our situation.
> > Does the volume meter for the microphone in pavucontrol show any activity?
> Yes.
> 1. open pavucontrol
> 2. speak
> 3. vu shows input
> 4. open chrome
> 5. go to bigbluebutton test server
> 6. bigbluebutton web client loads
> 7. client offers sound test
> 8. cracking sound heard, pavucontrol vu shows input
> > The output of "pactl list" and the verbose pulseaudio log might be
> > useful. Run "pactl list" while using the webapp (when you expect the
> > microphone to be in use). This mailing list has message size limit of
> > 100KB, so you'll probably need to compress those if you send them as
> > attachments. Here are instructions for getting the verbose log:
> > https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio/Log
> You will find "pactl list" output and puse verbose log as attachments,
> In this case my sequence was:
> 1. pactl list
> 2. log sub-sequence from ubuntu page
> 3. test audio
> 4. no sound, not even cracking
> 5. pavucontrol shows input
> 6. stop logging

The "pactl list" output doesn't show chrome being connected to
pulseaudio at all. The log, on the other hand, shows that chrome
connects and creates some playback streams. It doesn't create any
recording streams, however. Either chrome doesn't even try to use
pulseaudio for recording, or it (sometimes?) fails to create the
recording stream.

The strange thing is that earlier you got some sound from chrome, and
if I understood correctly, you had pavucontrol open. If you have
pavucontrol open, and you can see activity in the mic volume meter, it
means that pulseaudio is using the microphone, and usually other
applications can't use the microphone at the same time if they try to
use the hardware directly, bypassing pulseaudio. Maybe in that instance
chrome managed to create a recording stream in pulseaudio?

You can check the "Recording" tab to see whether chrome is having a
recording stream in pulseaudio.

If chrome tries to use the hardware directly, you can set the card
profile to "Estéreo analógico Salida" in pavucontrol's "Configuration"
tab. That will prevent pulseaudio from using the microphone, so there
won't be conflicts between chrome and pulseaudio.

If you run chrome from a terminal, does it print any errors in the
terminal output?



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