[pulseaudio-discuss] Decode SPDIF compressed formats

Denis Shulyaka shulyaka at gmail.com
Tue Jul 11 20:21:25 UTC 2017

Hi list,

I am making a small project, a home sound server. It will have a 5.1 analog
output and S/PDIF optical input, besides others. The server has to mix all
inputs and send them to the output.
My initial proof-of-concept with a loopback module failed when I realized
that S/PDIF interface can receive compressed formats that sounded like a
loud white noice to me instead of music.

Can pulseaudio handle compressed audio streams apart from passthrough? You
cannot passthrough to an analog output without decode.

I've found some different info here:
And here:

But could not understand its current status.

Best regards,
Denis Shulyaka
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