[pulseaudio-discuss] record stream in original stream format

Daniel windseeker at gmx.de
Wed Jun 14 20:50:27 UTC 2017

The player receives the stream, decodes it and feeds uncompressed audio to
your sound system. So at this point you obviously cannot access the raw
data stream. You have to see if the player has options to do that before
decoding and playing the audio.


2017-06-14 22:42 GMT+02:00 Istvan Gabor <suseuser04 at freemail.hu>:

> Hello:
> I listen radio streams, where the streams are in aac format.
> I use mplayer to play the stream. While I want to listen to the
> stream continuously (without stopping it) I want to record parts
> of it. Currently I can record the stream as
> parec -d alsa_output.pci-0000_00_1b.0.analog-stereo.monitor --file-format
> output.wav
> But the resulting wav occupies too much space.
> Is it possible to record the stream in its original format (aac) without
> conversion?
> The format that arrives to the computer.  If yes, how?
> Thanks,
> suseuser04
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