[pulseaudio-discuss] [PATCH 2/2] loopback: Fix corking logic of module-loopback

Georg Chini georg at chini.tk
Sun Mar 26 19:40:51 UTC 2017

When moving from a user suspended source or sink to an idle suspended source or sink
the sink input or source output would not be uncorked because we did not check for
the suspend cause.

Uncorking also would not be possible in that situation because the state change callback
of the source output or sink input is called before the new source or sink is attached,
leading to a crash of pulseaudio due to a cork() call without valid source or sink.

The previous patch fixes this problem, therefore sink input or source output can now also
be uncorked when the destination is idle suspended.
 src/modules/module-loopback.c | 8 ++++++--
 1 file changed, 6 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/src/modules/module-loopback.c b/src/modules/module-loopback.c
index 4456b55..5dcefba 100644
--- a/src/modules/module-loopback.c
+++ b/src/modules/module-loopback.c
@@ -565,8 +565,10 @@ static void source_output_moving_cb(pa_source_output *o, pa_source *dest) {
     set_source_output_latency(u, dest);
     update_effective_source_latency(u, dest, u->sink_input->sink);
+    /* Uncork the sink input unless the destination is suspended for other
+     * reasons than idle. */
     if (pa_source_get_state(dest) == PA_SOURCE_SUSPENDED)
-        pa_sink_input_cork(u->sink_input, true);
+        pa_sink_input_cork(u->sink_input, (dest->suspend_cause != PA_SUSPEND_IDLE));
         pa_sink_input_cork(u->sink_input, false);
@@ -904,8 +906,10 @@ static void sink_input_moving_cb(pa_sink_input *i, pa_sink *dest) {
     set_sink_input_latency(u, dest);
     update_effective_source_latency(u, u->source_output->source, dest);
+    /* Uncork the source output unless the destination is suspended for other
+     * reasons than idle */
     if (pa_sink_get_state(dest) == PA_SINK_SUSPENDED)
-        pa_source_output_cork(u->source_output, true);
+        pa_source_output_cork(u->source_output, (dest->suspend_cause != PA_SUSPEND_IDLE));
         pa_source_output_cork(u->source_output, false);

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