[pulseaudio-discuss] [PATCH v3 2/3] bluetooth: Remove BlueZ 4 support

Pali Rohár pali.rohar at gmail.com
Wed May 31 07:30:25 UTC 2017

On Wednesday 31 May 2017 07:00:54 Arun Raghavan wrote:
> On Sun, 28 May 2017, at 08:05 PM, Pali Rohár wrote:
> > On Thursday 25 May 2017 10:36:36 Luiz Augusto von Dentz wrote:
> > > BlueZ 4 is no longer supported by BlueZ community for a long long
> > > time, also by moving to BlueZ 5 it should make it even more clearer
> > > that BlueZ 4 is no longer an option.
> > 
> > It is a really big problem to have working bluez4 code in puleaudio?
> As Luiz points out, it's been a while since BlueZ 4 was current. Is
> there a reason you ask about keeping support for it around?

I'm still using it.

> While it might seem like there is no cost to just keeping the code
> around, each time we add code, either it is BlueZ 5 only, or there's
> overhead to make sure it builds and/or works on a BlueZ 4 setup.

bluex4 is still in use and I do not think it is a good idea to do some
version lock for particular software version if there are still users.

(E.g. gnome in past dropped bluez4 support which lead to non-working
bluetooth microphone, but that is an another story...)

Pali Rohár
pali.rohar at gmail.com

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