[pulseaudio-discuss] module-switch-on-connect: handling virtual sinks

Михаил Новоселов, Думалогия mikhailnov at dumalogiya.ru
Sat Nov 11 04:28:34 UTC 2017


PulseEffects, an application, that can apply different effects or 
equalize both input and output sound, cannot work properly when 
module-switch-on-connect is on. PulseEffects creates a virtual sinks, 
but PulseAudio's module-switch-on-connect makes it a default sinks 
automatically what severely breaks the logic of PulseEffect's work.

Please see https://github.com/wwmm/pulseeffects/issues/99

1) Can we specify that the created sink is a virtual one?
2) Maybe there are other ways to prevent module-switch-on-connect from 
making a newly created virtual device a default one?

I wrote the script Dumacast https://github.com/mikhailnov/dumacast 
(first of all for my company's (Dumalogiya, http://думалогия.рф) 
internal usage), and starting with the newest version of Ubuntu, where 
module-switch-on-connect is on, I ran into the same troubles. My script 
creates virtual sinks via pactl (lines 135-149), and they are also made 
default and break the logic of how the script works. I currently have no 
idea how to handle it without unloading module-switch-on-connect.

I tried both Ubuntu's 17.10 default PulseAudio and built from dEbian 
sources PulseAudio 11, the situation is the same with them both.

What can be done?

С уважением,
Михаил Новоселов, технический специалист школы "Думалогия"
думалогия.рф | mikhailnov at dumalogiya.ru

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