[pulseaudio-discuss] Audio input start working after suspend.

Tanu Kaskinen tanuk at iki.fi
Thu Sep 21 14:45:01 UTC 2017

On Wed, 2017-09-20 at 11:31 -0300, Gustavo Duarte wrote:
> Hi all,
> We are having problems with audio input.
> Environment:
> Laptop Brand: SF20BA
> Sist. OP: Ubuntu 16.04
> Desktop: Gnome Flashback.
> Issue description:
> 1) Boot laptop.
> 2) Try recording with QArecord, no audio is recorder.
> 3) Go to the System settings, sound, input, no input level detected.
> 4) Close the laptop lid (display), suspend.
> 5) Open the lid, the laptop wake up.
> 6) Try recording, and work fine.
> 7) Go to the system settings, sound, input, and i can see bar level
> detection.
> I attach pact list and amixer -c0, when input doesn't work and when works.

Do you expect input from the laptop's internal mic or from an external
mic? In the non-working case alsa seems to be reporting that an
external mic is plugged in and in the working case alsa is reporting
that the external mic is not plugged in.

If you're trying to use the internal mic, then it seems that after boot
the kernel incorrectly thinks that an external mic is connected, and
therefore mutes the internal mic. The alsa mixer doesn't provide any
way to choose between the two inputs, so I don't think there's anything
you can do except get the kernel driver fixed.



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